Yahoo shuts down remaining China services

Yahoo shuts down remaining China services After LinkedIn …. Yahoo’s withdrawal came less than a month after another US tech company, Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn, announced it was shutting down operations in China.. In public, the company blamed a “significantly more challenging operating environment” as well as “greater compliance requirements in China”. On Tuesday, Yahoo … Read more

Fragile-a song approved first then banned quickly

Fragile, this is a newly released song that had been clearly approved in China was banned at a very fast rate within one dayLet us hear the following song .Released by Malaysian rapper Namewee (黄明志) and Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberley Chen (陳芳語) Original Version MP3 MV Online Youtube English Version/Translation A girl singing her English … Read more

What Happened To LinkedIn In China Today ?

The following news comes from the Internet and does not represent the views of the website owner. Reuters, Bloomberg and many other Western media reported yesterday that the US technology company Microsoft will close the Chinese business of its workplace social platform LinkedIn (LinkedIn). However, LinkedIn’s official Weibo quickly responded last night, saying that this … Read more