How to use or set up V2Ray on iphone ipad in APPLE ios system

How to set up V2Ray in APPLE iphone ipad ios system

Simply, only 3 steps can be completed .

1Get v2ray account information
2Download the client software that can be used on the IOS system iphone or ipad
3Configuration v2ray client

The first step is to get V2ray node information

A usable V2ray node information (need to include the following information: server address, port number, encryption method, password).

This information is included in the package you have purchased. The subscription link includes all node information. Just find the subscription link.

Open the detailed information page of the package you have purchased, and swipe down to the subscription link position, as shown in the figure below:

Please check this if you don’t have node to use : Let’s Buy A Node To Surf The Internet

The second step download the software client

Many softwares on the IOS platform are available.

It is recommended to use Shadowrocket

SystemDownload softwareDownload BackupSetting After InstalledMore Details
APPLE iphone/ipad IOSApple Store

ShadowrocketSubscriptions, Settings, paste Subscription link. Subscription, Updates.Tutorial:
how to use

The third step is to configure the V2ray client on IOS

Launch the ‘ShadowRocket’ app from your iOS device

Switching modes

Tap “Global Routing” to select a switching mode. There are four options:

  • Proxy: All data traffic via our server
  • Config: To bypass mainland IP by the default
  • Direct: No data traffic goes through our server
  • Scene: Connection rules can be set for each Wi-Fi or cellular

and tick  ‘Proxy’ in the popup window.

Add the servers

Now move to the service nodes setup.

Go back to homepage by click ‘Home’ at the bottom left corner. Press the ‘+’ at the top right corner, which means ‘add’ service nodes.

In the popup window, tap ‘Type’ then tick ‘Subscribe’ from the dropdown menu, paste your plan’s configuration URL information in the ‘URL’ area, then click ‘Done’ at the top right corner.

Now you should see your nodes configuration in the popup window as following, tap the node server which you want to connect to, then you will see a yellow dot showing up in front of the node name, which means the node is in use.

Ping Test

To make sure the service nodes are working properly, you can take a ‘Ping Test’ first, this is to find out the remote server connection response time.

Simply tap ‘Ping Test’ button, then you will see the response time showing up on each node.


Finally switch on the ‘connection’ button and it’all done!

Now, you can surf the real internet all the way you want.

Popular websites around global


Keep your service nodes list up-to-date

Tap ‘settings’ button at the bottom right corner, page down and tick ‘subscribe’, then switch on the ‘Update On Open’ button, this is to ensure every time you run the app, your service nodes list will be updated automatically.

Find the fastest node to connect

Similar to the ‘Ping Test’ on a Windows platform, you can take the ‘Ping Test’ from the app as well. By doing this you will be able to find out the response/delay time of specific remote server which is measured in the microsecond. If it is NOT accessible you will see an alarm signal in Red besides the server node name saying ‘connection timeout’. Otherwise, you will see a signal in green which means the server node is accessible. The ‘Ping Test’ result could be varied from time to time so you need to redo the test if necessary.

The meaning of the modes in ‘Global Routing Settings’ page

  • Config : set up connections according to pre-set configuration file, which is used as a ‘filter’ for data traffic goes to the specific website.
  •  Proxy: all the traffic data will go through the node server, no matter where it goes to.
  •  Direct : opposite to the ‘Proxy’ mode, all the traffic data will bypass the server node which means you’re on your ‘normal’ internet basically.
  • Scene: change connect mode as per pre-set rules when scenes change.For example, when connecting to the cellular network (LTE 4G/WCDMA3G…etc), use a specific connect mode, use another one when to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
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