How to use or set up V2Ray on desktop in Microsoft Windows system

How to set up V2Ray in Microsoft Windows system

Simply, only 3 steps can be completed .

1Get v2ray account information
2Download the client software that can be used on the Windows desktop
3Windows configuration v2ray client

The first step is to get V2ray node information

A usable V2ray node information (need to include the following information: server address, port number, encryption method, password).

This information is included in the package you have purchased. The subscription link includes all node information. Just find the subscription link.

Open the detailed information page of the package you have purchased, and swipe down to the subscription link position, as shown in the figure below:

Please check this if you don’t have node to use : Let’s Buy A Node To Surf The Internet

The second step download the software client

Many softwares on the Windows platform are available, and it is recommended to use V2rayN as the software client.

V2rayN is a Windows desktop client software specially designed for v2ray, so it is extremely convenient to add. It supports many protocols, including almost all popular protocols such as vmess\ss\ssr.

Windows platform V2rayN software download: It is recommended to choose version 4.20 or above

SystemDownload softwareDownload BackupSetting After InstalledMore Details
Windowsv2rayN-4.36v2rayN-4.36Subscriptions, Settings, paste Subscription link. Subscription, Updates.Tutorial:
how to use

The third step is to configure the V2ray client on Windows

V2rayN setup tutorial


Find the file in your download folder. Unzip it (right click > Extract all… ). Then, open the unzipped folder. Double-click on the “V2rayN” file to install.

If there’s a pop-up, click “run”.Once installed, you can find the app by searching for “v2rayN” in the search box next to the start menu. You can find V2rayN in the tray at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Add the servers

Copy the subscription link in step 1

1.Open the app by double clicking on the v2rayN icon (blue V) in the tray on the bottom right corner of your screen.

2.Go to “Subscriptions” > “Settings”

The advanced open source software V2rayN

3. Click “Add” on the bottom

4. Paste the API link in the url box

5. Click OK

Add subscription URL to the software and press “OK” .

6.Go to “Subscriptions” > “Updates”

easy setting on software v2rayN core

Select a server

Find the v2rayN icon in the tray again

2.This time, RIGHT CLICK on it

3.Go to “Server” and select a server from the list

Select any node of the 6 listed in the software, “Set as active server

Select in the tray on the bottom right corner of your screen


Select in the software main front

Change the listening port if you want in setting.

Enable UDP is important.

setting of V2rayN core

System proxy setting

Different version slightly different

For software version 4.20+

v2ray version 4.20

Right click on the V2rayN icon in the tray (bottom right).

Go to “Http Proxy” > “Set system Proxy”

system proxy setting for v2ray 4.20

The v2ray icon should turn red when connected.

For software version 3.18

v2ray version 3.18

Right click on the V2rayN icon in the tray (bottom right).

Go to “Http Proxy” > “Open Http proxy and set the system proxy (global mode)”

The v2ray icon should turn red when connected.

Now, you can surf the real internet all the way you want.

Popular websites around global

For experts/advanced skilled users, to save proxy data, you can use PAC proxy mode with proxy settings plugin for browsers , e.g. Proxy SwitchyOmega

PAC proxy setting for v2ray 3.18
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