CryptoFibers Best Anonymous VPN

CryptoFibers only accepts Cryptocurrency Payment including Bitcoin and Monero for the purpose of more privacy.

So if you’d like to pay via Paypal , Alipay , Unionpay , please visit :

Let’s learn CryptoFibers.

CryptoFibers Background

CryptoFibers has been operating by a team of cyber security experts and network engineers.

Below is what they believe and fight for.

We are a team of cyber security experts and network engineers who firmly believe that privacy is a basic human right. Anyone should be able to communicate freely, without fear of persecution. With the way our world is changing, with censorship and constant surveillance being normalized, privacy is now more important than ever, regardless of where you are and what you do.

We believe that without privacy it is impossible to be independent, to be free.

We all should be able to get free unmonitored access to knowledge, to connect with like-minded individuals, to voice our opinions without fear for our future.

CryptoFibers is simply not a complete VPN, but the effect of VPN can be achieved through settings. Meanwhile the network speed is much faster and the payment method is more confidential.

CryptoFibers Official Website

CryptoFibers official website link

CryptoFibers official website link

CryptoFibers Order

When you order , either is okay to proceed.

CryptoFibers Invite Code

Currently in the early access stage, you will need to use the invitation code to order.

Invite Code is needed in Early access

But No need to submit this invite code if you open website via below link :

Link Without Invite Code

After open via above link , it’ll show as :

Partner invite loaded. No need to provide invite.

no invite code needed anymore for CryptoFibers

CryptoFibers Access Key

What is Access Key ?

Access Key is the account name & password together.

Create an Access Key. This key will give you full access to your account.
Make it unique (hard to guess) and save it in a secure place. It is impossible to restore access if you misplace this key. We store only the hash value of entered key.

If someone guesses your access key, or uses the same key as yours by accident, they will be able to access your services.

At this time it is not possible to change the access key (feature in development).

How to generate the Access Key ?

Create a strong access key by yourself .

For example , C3#*U.R9001&tRI.223IppNPOtDsf/[email protected]+GnSXZASUCSSNRiA/A4RqSU1ilb45C8j

The Most Important is the Access Key !!! Please Do Remember to Save the Access Key somewhere on your PC / computer or anywhere is safe and accessible to you .

CryptoFibers Access Key

The Most Important is the Access Key !!! Please Do Remember to Save the Access Key somewhere on your PC / computer or anywhere is safe and accessible to you .

You can see the pricing package after submitted, as follows

Check CryptoFibers Pricing Plan after fill in Invite Code & Access Key confirmed

CryptoFibers Pricing Plan

CryptoFibers Pricing Plan Order
Pricing PlanData TrasferAmountLinkOnline Number
Early Bird 7Unlimited€1.7 / 7 daysBuy5 online same time
Early Bird 14Unlimited€2.99 / 14 daysBuy5 online same time
Early Bird 31Unlimited€3.99 / 31 daysBuy5 online same time
CryptoFibers Pricing plan introduction

Choose any plan you like , but Early Bird 31 is the most Cost-effective at the moment.

Let’s take Early Bird 7 for example .

CryptoFibers Payment

how to buy CryptoFibers plan Early Bird 7
how to pay CryptoFibers v2ray service

If you want to change language, check the bottom :

how to pay CryptoFibers v2ray service change language

The default payment is via Bitcoin.

You can pay Bitcoin or pay via the better confidential payment , Monero .

how to pay CryptoFibers v2ray service with Monero change from Bitcoin
how to pay CryptoFibers v2ray service with Monero

If you want check the Monero address :

check Monero address and payment link

Then make payment.

Successfully pay CryptoFibers with Monero

After payment, click ” Return to services

Click “Go to my service” , you shall see the plan.

After 5-15 mins , refresh the page, you’ll see the plan.

Click “View service details

check details of CryptoFibers service bought

Copy the subscription url link as above picture .

Automatic configuration – Subscription

This is the recommended option.

Manual configuration – VMess links

Use only if automatic subscription link is not supported by your client software. Note that we periodically change IP addresses of the servers and manual update would be required when IPs change.

Manual configuration – when nothing else works

Not recommended.

v2ray port: ****
v2ray uuid: ******-**-
v2ray protocol: VMess
v2ray transport: tcp
v2ray encryption: auto or aes-128-gcm or chacha20-poly1305
v2ray alterId: 8
v2ray camouflage: none

v2ray Servers (configuration same for all servers):
us-la1: 2.*.*.*
us-la4: 9. *.*.*
us-la6: 8. *.*.*
jp-os1: 4. *.*.*
us-nj1: 1. *.*.*
us-ny1: 7. *.*.*
nl-ams3: 1 *.*.*
nl-ams9: 1 *.*.*

CryptoFibers Uage

how to use CryptoFibers service ?

only 2 steps to use the serivce.

StepsMeasures To Take
1 Copy subscription link
2 Install software and Paste subscription link

1.Copy subscription url link

Click “View service details” , and Copy the subscription url link as above picture

Install software & Paste subscription

SystemDownload softwareDownload BackupSetting After InstalledMore Details
Windows v2rayN-5.36v2rayN-5.36 Subscriptions, Settings, paste Subscription link. Subscription, Updates. Tutorial:
how to use
MacOs v2rayUv2rayU Click Icon, Configure…, Advanced…, Subscription, [+], paste Subscroption link. Click Icon, Server, Update subscription. Tutorial:
how to use
Apple Store

Shadowrocket [+], Type:Subscribe, paste Subscription link. Tutorial:
how to use
Android phone / pad Google playstore

v2rayNG [+], Import config from QRcode, then Menu–Update subscription. Tutorial:
how to use
check above tutorial of how to use justmysocks/cryptofibers via v2ray

Check the tutorial on the above sheet to learn how to use .

Successfully Access New World

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